Friday, July 15, 2011

Interning at Google - Week 2

The whirlpool is starting to spin and I am being pulled in. The infrastructure at our disposal is literally scary in both the scale and complexity of control and processes. Among the highlights of the second week, I had a lecture given by Bram Moolenaar the original author of our daily awesome Vim (shook his hand yay!) and the guy (can't remember the name:() who created the OO features in PHP proudly wearing this on his laptop.
Holding on :-)

Among the things I did during my Week 2 as a Software Engineer at Google are:
  • rock the medium difficulty on Battery by Metallica on drums in XBox Rock band
  • run a sequence of MapReduce tasks on 50T of data, using 2000 computing nodes
  • kick some ass and sometimes get my ass kicked in table tennis
  • come from work after midnight 3 days out of 5
  • get LOLs out of TONS of easter eggs hidden in various log/status outputs of various tools, that are stylized after various scify/fantazy franchises - you just hear people laughing in the office while they analyze a log dump from some random server/process/etc :-D
  • and last but not least, visit more classes than during a normal week at my old Uni.
I am starting to recognise some of the code-names people use in meetings and I am starting to see the real shape of what I'll be doing. So, so far so good ;-)


  1. "Posted by supo at 11:47 PM" :)))

  2. Haha tak ten co vytvoril to, co volaju OO v PHP, tak ten je fakt posledny, co by mal trollovat okolo failov.

  3. Co, neni to dobre spravene? Nerobil som s tym v zivote..

  4. Johno, chcel som ti pochvalit stranku v guestbooku, ale dava mi fatal error :-P

  5. supo: PHP je cele zle. to OO je len klinec do rakvy.