Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Looking for a job in Switzerland

My story

I came to Switzerland on the 15th of July and I already have a job, but I wouldn't say that it is easy to find a job here. It depends on your field, I'm structural engineer, so I'm writing from my point of view. I sent 22 emails and had 3 interviews until I got a job. I made a spreadsheet so I know where and when I sent an email, what they replied and more details (Danny's idea), very useful. I will write you some tips, which can help you to find a job.


- if you speak German you have a BIG advantage (or French, Italian, depends on the part of Switzerland)

- if you don't speak, you have to learn as soon as possible

- radio with Swiss German

- online German channels

Curriculum Vitae

- here you can create a good looking CV


- if you have some certificates don't forget to scan them and attach to your application

Job offers

- on this website you can have your profile with all information about you and documents, so when you find an offer you like, you just write your cover letter and send an application with all information, which you have in your profile. But I prefer to write email directly to the company. Another advantage of this website is, that you can choose your field and new offers are sent to your email every day, that's really helpful


- this is mostly for technical fields


- of course there are more websites


- many companies look for employees through recruiting agencies, which can be good, because they are trying to find a job for you, while they have money from that, but you don't know the company you are applying for

- better is to find offer of real company and check their website, do some research about their references and then you can make a better impression


- this is also very important part of looking for a job, so I wish you good luck ;)


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