Friday, July 15, 2011

Interning at Google - Week 2

The whirlpool is starting to spin and I am being pulled in. The infrastructure at our disposal is literally scary in both the scale and complexity of control and processes. Among the highlights of the second week, I had a lecture given by Bram Moolenaar the original author of our daily awesome Vim (shook his hand yay!) and the guy (can't remember the name:() who created the OO features in PHP proudly wearing this on his laptop.
Holding on :-)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fakulta Informatiky a Informačných technológií - FIIT

Pred pár týždňami som ukončil štúdium FIIT na STU v Bratislave, s titulom Ing. v obore Softvérové Inžinierstvo. Počas tých 5 rokov som stretlol nových ľudí, ktorí ma prekvapili aj v dobrom aj v zlom, starých známich som lepšie spoznal a čo-to nové som sa aj naučil. V tomto článku by som chcel zhrnúť moje pôsobenie na FIIT a zhruba načrtnúť stratégiu, ktorou som sa týchto 5 rokov riadil a na záver si dáme dolovanie v dátach zo sekcie Galéria študentov na webe fakulty ;-)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Software Engineering at Google

For 2011 I wanted to try something new again and when I was approached by Google after the Google Code Jam 2011 (I just placed in top 500, nothing too special, but I got a t-shirt :-P) I agreed to start the interview process. After 2 technical interviews, I was offered a Software Engineering Intern position at the Google Zurich office, which I joyfully accepted. This is the first post about the experience, since I started just yesterday, on the 4th of July.

I will not be able to disclose any details of course, and will have to be super careful, because of how sensitive some information can be and how strict Google is about this.

Great Minds at IBM Research

For the sumer 2010, I was chosen to join the Great Minds programme for research-oriented computer science students, organized by IBM Research Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland. This article is a small summary of my observations.