Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monitor your server on the go

After finishing the VPS setup more or less successfully, I started looking into options of how to monitor what is happening with the machine when I am not at the PC. I downloaded ConnectBot to my HTC Desire HD and used it to connect to the machine. There I have installed htop to display various stats like CPU and RAM utilization and running processes interactively and in the real time. Few tips on how to work htop without a hardware keyboard on your phone:

  • swipe up/down on the left half of the screen to scroll the process list
  • swiping on the right side scrolls the whole terminal
  • swiping left/right switches between active terminals
  • activate the keyboard by pushing bottom right corner of the screen and type:
    • q to quit (or close the left sidebar)
    • emulating function keys is a bit harder - press the on-screen ctrl, then activate the keyboard and press a number key ( for e.g. to change the sorting order, press ctrl then 6 on the keyboard, then use the on-screen arrows to navigate up/down in the sidebar. Selected sorting criterion is confirmed with enter )
For more tips head on to the websites of the software I mentioned (check this for more keyboard shortcuts - awesome for the software keyboard), there is some more cool stuff waiting for you ;-) Here is a picture of how this setup looks on my 4.3 inch screen (together with my G9x for the size comparison):

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