Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Draw in Allplan, calculate in Scia Engineer

Here I present a "cookbook" for making 3D model of construction in program Allplan, exporting it to program Scia Engineer and making calculations there. I'm sure that there are many better ways, but this one is my best for now.

  1. Make 3D model of every storey of your building in separate layers in Allplan
  2. Put these layers to the Building structure
  3. Export every layer in a separate IFC file
  4. Import first storey to Scia Engineer and save it as a esa file
  5. Put support to joints
  6. Select whole structure and put LCS as standard and correct material of members of structure
  7. Put some load and start calculation, check results
  8. Do step 5 - 7 with every storey, it is easier to find mistakes when they are separated
  9. Open esa file of first storey, in Tree - Structure click import esa file, import remaining storeys, put them next to each other
  10. Change supports of columns or walls between storeys, they have to be free in direction Z and rigid in other directions
  11. Put every story in different layer, so you can turn off the one you don't want to see
  12. Make load cases and put load to every storey (they are still next to each other)
  13. Make load combinations for ultimate and also for serviceable design
  14. Make result classes of both designs
  15. Put storeys on each other - make whole building
  16. Start calculation - should work :)
  17. If you receive the following message during the calculation: “Instability found in node N328”. To find this node, please proceed as follows : type in Scia Engineer’s Command line the command “SEL” followed by an interspace and the full name of the requested node and use the icon ‘Zoom all – selection’ you can zoom in on the selected entity (http://www.scia-online.com/eNews/PDF/eNewsDec09_EN.pdf)
  18. If calculation works, check results, if you want to see just one storey, you can turn other layers off
  19. Good Luck

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