Saturday, March 12, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles

I read multiple complaints about the jerkiness of the camera in this one - and yes it was really like the blair-witch project, maybe even worse. But it was consistent with the situation and even though we sat close to the screen, it was watchable. If you have problem, just sit further...

The plot starts good but then it reaches a plateau in the part where it gets a little repetitive. The biggest bummer is again the poor strategic thinking on the alien part. There is no way a race capable of traveling between stars with an experience of conquering planets (there were hints, like the soldiers had surgically implanted weapons) allows to have a single point of failure in their strategy - however strong it might be.

Bottom line, although the plot is very simplistic and long-winded at times, the execution, effects and cast (Michelle Rodriguez baby!) save the day. I only recommend this movie to sci-fi/war movie fans.

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